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The price that Camelot Home Inspection Services charges for a home inspection is typically based on the age, type of foundation, and the total square footage of the home.

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The price that Camelot Home Inspection Services charges for a home inspection is typically based on the age, type of foundation (slab or raised), and the total square footage of the home. We may also take into consideration the overall general condition, location, sales price, and ownership/rental history. Employing this type of flexible pricing structure allows us to remain competitive with many less qualified home inspection companies in the area, while providing you with an unmatched level of service and expertise for those more demanding assignments that are best not left in the hands of an inexperienced home inspector.

Fee Schedule
Fee Schedule (Click to Enlarge)

PLEASE NOTE: For condos or townhomes without a garage, please deduct $25.00. For rental properties or for distressed or poorly maintained properties (aka "fixer uppers" or homes in need of "TLC"), please add 20%. For manufactured homes and for homes over 5000 sq. ft., please contact us for a quote or fill out the form below.

As previously mentioned, we make an effort to be flexible in order to remain competitive. The above fee schedule serves to provide you with an approximate idea of what we charge for our services, and we reserve the right to increase or decrease the price once we've had an opportunity to research the property. In any event, because every assignment is different, we suggest that you email us with the address or give us a call at 805-471-9447 so that we may research the property and provide you with a personal quote.

If you would like us to inspect a swimming pool, a spa, or any additional (secondary) structures or components, please let us know so that we can include those items in our quote.

If you would like to have us provide you with a quote by email, please fill out the form fields below and we'll respond as quickly as possible. We promise not to share this information with anybody else.

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(Please include the age, foundation type [e.g. slab, raised, or combination of same], square footage of living area, any additional structures, swimming pools or hot tubs to be inspected, etc. The more information that you can provide, the better).


We accept cash, personal checks, Venmo, PayPal, and credit cards. We do not accept payment through escrow. Payment of inspection fees are due upon completion of the inspection and, unless otherwise agreed upon, must be received before we release the inspection report. If you will not be present at the inspection, or are unable to provide payment at the time of the inspection, we will email you an invoice when the inspection report is finished and is ready to be emailed to you. It is not necessary that you attend the inspection.

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